These days we are so busy to spend a half day in a kitchen to cook a proper dinner for a whole family or friends who’s decided to pop up for a bite.
So cacciatore is a one of the easiest recipes which I love.. One pan dish – chicken stew,great for a winter time to warm up.

All You need to do is heat 2tbs of olive oil,add rosemary,garlic,chilli,chopped onion,bay  leaves and fry one min. Add chicken tights ( I’m using that skinless- less fat ) and cook for 5 mins,then add leek,mushrooms,olives,sweet potatoes,one glass of red wine ( to me best it’s Chianti ) and cook 10 min. Add spices ( depend on You – it’s Your dish 😉 ) Then 3 tins of tomatoes with juice and again cook for 10 min. In the meantime heat up Your oven to 190 degrees,put Your pan inside and leave there for one hour or so.. And Voila..!


Enjoy..! 😉

17th January 2016.






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