„#foodlover .. – taste the Poland ..”


Meant to write about my trip to Yorkshire but couldn’t stop myself to share with You about that great cook book by Zuza Zak. ” POLSKA NEW POLISH COOKING „

„This book is dedicated to Babcia (Grandma) Ziuta and Babcia (Grandma) Halinka,who tinstilled in me two passions: food and writing „

It’s a great book which reminds me about my child hood and it’s also bringing things from our beautiful history and regionality.. About Polish Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter plus great recipes and beautiful photography by Laura Edwards..
If You are foodlover,don’t be scared.. Be a curious and try Polish cuisine and remember.. Simply is the best… 😉

I’m polish and I love simplicity 😊imageimageimageimageimageimage
Everyone can find something interesting.. Delicious soups,traditional polish recipes or novelty … 😉
There is something to those who loves traditional sweets.. And that’s so remind me my Mother.. Christmas time and smell of this lovely ROGALIKI (lilac – filled buns).
Hope I can bring that tradition to my son and my lovely boyfriend who  gave me that great gift.. Memories back for sure… 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

Thank you..xx 


Kattkadotme. 08.09.2o16


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