„#foodlover – I am not a glutton.. I am an explorer of food.. „

What does make you feel good ? Hmmm.. To me it’s definitely food..!
I love to explore with new tastes..it’s such a treat to my eyes and tongue..
To taste of hundred percent you need to use all of you… Either nose,tongue,mouth,eyes and even ears..

Do experiment one day and block your nose with the clip and taste food first in that way,then take it out and taste again.. You will spot the difference for sure..

I love to watch..hear..taste..


Thankfully to my boyfriend I could taste and see beautiful lobster or squid black ink pasta but also it’s lovely to taste and see that simple but great pink grapefruit..sweet and sour in one fruit.. Freshness fot a hot day as we had today.. 🤘



Kattkadotme 13th September 2016




10 thoughts on “„#foodlover – I am not a glutton.. I am an explorer of food.. „


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