„#foodlover – chicken wanted ! „

My little monkey asked me this morning if we can have roast drumsticks tonight so his wishes are on the top..

You would say ” what’s the problem ? It’s just roast drumsticks or whatever..”
Yes,of course.. Lazy chicken in the oven for one hour and job done isn’t?

Well it’s not quite to me. Not because I don’t know how to do it,it’s because I can still remember taste of the roast chicken when my Mum use to do it..
It was the best roast chicken legs or drumsticks in the whole world,seriously!
She put smile on my and my brother face for sure.

Crispy skin which you could hear in your mind,juicy and tender inside,mind blowing..

I had a coffee with my sister in law and we were talking about recipes,suddenly she said : mmmm never ever had that roast chicken again as Your mum was serving.
Is She use to some recipe?
I think yes,recipe from the heart and knowledge..

So every time I’m preparing chicken it’s like chasing my Mum taste,maybe one day I will get there..
Maybe one day my I will receive same feedback from my son..
All gone at ones so there is some hope.. 😉


Kattkadotme 15th September 2016



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