#zenzone .. No admission for unauthorised..!!

Hmmmm…. Still not well, not sure what is all about.
Normally I’m not swearing but yesterday was like apogee.. Odd feeling to me really..
Today it’s gone but it went for a sad side… Still want to be on my own..
Maybe I have to go through the all stages.. Maybe then I will wake up with smile.. Hmmm,wish I do because I don’t like it really…

It’s arrived today,amazing aroma diffuser.. Think it’s make me calm and emotions get through that’s why tears comes out..

Great thing,such a smell and amazing mist round the house..
Was needed it..
Used peppermint pure oil .. It is used as a medicinal and calming aroma to treat a wide variety of and calming bodily organs. Helpful in calming,reducing muscle pains and relieving anxiety..


A kick of peppermint in an aromatherapy session will liven up the mind,body or soul…

And that’s what I wish for guys..
Sleep well.. X

Kattkadotme.5th October 2016.


10 myśli w temacie “#zenzone .. No admission for unauthorised..!!


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