#zenzone.. -” Eat,pray, love ” – amen !! „

Nope.. ! It wasn’t a women day yet..! It was a lazy day for me.. !
At last day off and not only that.. My little monkey been away all day,other monkey been at work so whole house just for me !
Tell You what ladies.. Leave sometimes that bloody washing and sit on the sofa,have a rest,have a break.. It’s not end of the world if dishes will be done next day in the morning.. It’s not a crime if dirty clots spend another day in the basket.. It’s nothing wrong if you order your shopping online..
But your health it’s priceless….. !
If you’re tired and sleepy,that will have impact on everyone around you but will have most impact on you..

I have 2 jobs,running like crazy.. Need to slow down and enjoy the the life a bit as it’s not endless…

image  A bit of inspiration of Elizabeth Gilbert and her book ” Eat pray love „

Book for anyone who has ever woke up with an irresistible desire to change..

You deserve that woman ! 

Kattkadotme. 11th October 2016 


9 myśli w temacie “#zenzone.. -” Eat,pray, love ” – amen !! „


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