„#foodlover – Oreo Night „

Ok… Don’t laugh at me.. ! It’s a first time when I met with Oreo 😉
Sometimes ago world went mad at this cookies. Not sure why but I never before even felt to try it.. Passing in a shop,didn’t think of it at all..

Now world calm down a bit, so I thought I will have a go.. Bought ones !! Good choice me .. 😉

Bloody hell.. ! Milk and Oreo it’s a perfect couple..
To be honest, to me looks like they were waiting for each other so long.. 😉


It’s like a ” food porn ” 😉

Kattka.me 13th October 2016.



10 myśli w temacie “„#foodlover – Oreo Night „

  1. so many things that are made in heaven couples: banana with pomegranate, walnut with raisin, fresh taragon/parsley/mint with sharp crumbly feta cheese, peanut butter with chocolate…

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