„Bad hair day.. so what.. ?”

Hey Chaps.. !! How You doing..?

Hope Your warm  enough, it’s bloody chilly out there..! Winter is coming to UK so I thought my best hat need to have a bit of refreshment.

I hate to spend my time to drying and straightening hair, especially in the winter time. Think it’s a great excuse to all the mummies who’s running around the house in the morning, trying to get kids at school on time.

I’m going to order one for my friend Alicia, she’s is really struggling with her hair as she trying to grow them up..  

If Your man taking care of his hair and spend more time in the bathroom than You, here it is : great Christmas Gift.. LOL !! 😉

My amazing man is bald so i don’t have to buy it.. actually maybe i do, just to wild him up..;)

Any questions why I’m wearing a hat..? 🙂


Keep warm Chaps and see You soon.. x

Kattka.me 6th November 2016


8 myśli w temacie “„Bad hair day.. so what.. ?”


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