Say it as it is.. ;)

Hi there.. 🙂

Certainly I will have an excuse now.. just saying 😉 It will be my favourite t-shirt for work !

When I did posted it on the other social networking earlier on, one of my followers said : This is so me ! Not for work just in life 😉

Bless her ! She made my day with that comment, we have the  same sense of humor..:)

Somebody else said : Gosh if only it was possible to say this :\

Well..just be You guys..


Be natural rather than play as an actress, we are the human.. not a James Bond or Alexis from Dynasty.. 😉

Midnight gone so sleep well and see You soon.. x

Kattkadotme. 9th November 2016



6 myśli w temacie “Say it as it is.. ;)

  1. Sometimes saying it as is it does not necessarily gives you back the reaction you were hoping for. Bending words and playing with the approach can also be more affective. I guess, it all depends on the situation and subject matter.

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