Chicory.. Green vibes..


Hi there.. 🙂

Just sat down for a bit.. was sorting out paper work and other things  which i don’t need. Think my man will be proud of me as he think I’m a gadgets woman.. Really I throw out lots of tonight ..or maybe just changed the place..;)

But seriously spent 4 hours to sort it out and I’m still awake..!

Probably it’s that chicory tho..

It’s been so grey day out there,  hate it..!  Was worming up with that jar full of goods.. 🙂

Organic Chicory it’s made from 100% roasted chicory root and it’s gluten free to those who’s struggling . Naturally caffeine.. what could be better.. 😉


Midnight gone so have a good dreams Chaps.. !


Kattkadotme. 10th November 2016



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