Foodlover..Żur !

Hi Folks..! 

How do You warming up in those days guys..? I’m not coping and currently looking for a wolen pants.. ! That would work i think.. 😉

In a mean time i’m worming up with polish traditional soup ” żurek ” 

Soup with cooked and smoked sausage and boiled egg on the top..very specific taste but my son love it so it’s mean so..

Nothing better out there for a winter time.. ŻUR AND GOOD BREAD .. ! 


Keep warm Folks..! 

Kattkadotme. 17th November 2016


9 myśli w temacie “Foodlover..Żur !

  1. ah – & now that I think of it – warming spices! during cold times when I feel like I can’t bundle up enough, I drink cinnamon & ginger tea with dash of cayenne – helps much!

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