Foodlover.. challenge fruit- mango !

Hi Folks.. !! ; ) 

How You doing..? It’s been 2 weeks since my last post so I was missing You..

I’m busy as hell at this time of the year but i thought i needed share it with You.. 

I have been invited for a @challengefruit by an exelent french chef  Kevin whos cooking at Michelin restarant.  Competition about mango..

Decided to go with mango smoothie and cucumber,mango bites with chilli flakes and mango sauce to dig in the other fruits.. 


Another few days left until results comes up so fingers crossed Chaps..!  :)) 

Keep warm and countdown to the Christmass.. ! To me one more December celebration, it’s my sons birthday on 11th so I’m gonna preparing to it first. 😉

See You soon. x 01.12.2016













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