#lifelover -smile for a 2017

Hey You Folks..!! How You dooooing .. ?? :)))

Sending You a coffee smile as I need it a lot a coffee now..


It’s been a long time but honestly I’m so busy.. Not sure where the time is gone. How was Your Christmas time.. ? How was Your New Years Eve..? I’m so curious…? 😉

My Christmas been different this year as we finally spent it in 3 of Us. My boyfriend liked barszcz which is traditional polish beetroot soup and surprisingly he liked bigos too.. !! Traditional sour cabbage.. bless him,lots of farts.. 😉 Really loved the time.. even Christmas Father came round : )

More busy time coming.. We going to move together.. Finally !! 😉
Looking forward to it ( although my freedom going to finish Lol ! Just kidding)

I will still posting to You.. !! 😉

Sending lots of hugs and wishing You a fabulous New Year.. !
I did started New Year with passing through this beautiful door.. door to Our house.. door to Our life …:)


Happy New Year from the SUNNYDALE… 😉

Keep warm Chaps.. xx


Kattka.me 6th January 2017


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