Foodlover..sweet mornigs..

Hey You..! How’s going.. ? A bit chilly here.. again.. : ( 

Personnaly i would love to be where is a sunshine.. well dreams not always can become truth.. 

Instead of just dreaming I’m bringing a summer fruits onto our plates. And sweetness…  never enough 😉 Now You can talk to me.. 😁 

Nutella with fruits.. anyone fancy.. ?

Kattkadotme. 17th January 2017 


10 myśli w temacie “Foodlover..sweet mornigs..

  1. Hunger for sugar is not the same „nature” as hunger for sweetness 🙂 Otherwise, what is the point to combine fruits (they have sugar in) with chockolate? Fruits by itself never gona have this „kind of magic” that chockolate has – that is the main „motive” of these tempting „crime” 🙂

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