#Foodlover.. Papaya Monday..; )

Hey You Folks.. 🙂 Yes it’s Monday already I know.. Most of You probably hate it already ..

Anyway I wish Your weekend been ok..

It’s been ok here apart of work..but hey that’s a part of the life and to be honest who’s not complaining about work..? + I’m a woman..LOL ! 😉

Hmmm.. I took that picture some time ago and some how I forgot to share it with You..

So here it is.. Papaya Monday for You.. Open Your eyes with something colourful, think positive, Valentines day tomorrow.. ( got my thoughts but won’t share it now 😉 ) 

Normally people wake up in the morning and I can guess what’s the first words are:

  • f****** Monday..!

Let’s change it Lovely People..! Let’s call it Papaya Monday ! Isn’t change Your brain into other way ??? IT IS MINE..! COLOURFUL MONDAY FOLKS..!!! 🙂


Kattkadotme. 13.02.2017


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