#loving day.. normal day.. xx 

Hey..How You doooing..?  😉

Any speciality on that day..? I know it’s after midnight but I meant Valentines day..what You been up to..? Don’t give me a specific details.. 🙂

We treat that day as normal day, same as a friendship day..loving day should be an every day.. every little note makes me happy, no matter it’s a Valentines day or just Tuesday..


We went for a match today, league two.. Dans team was playing in Nottingham and we were decided to take boys with us..My son ( yellow pikachu ) and his best Friend ( Oscar )


What a game..!!!! 87′ and we were winning 2 nil..! Bad luck then..end up 2-2, but hey that’s not the point..! It was first big game to the boys, it was a yellow cards in there,one red, we gone down to 10 as a team and there was a 4 goals..! Plus the taste of hot dogs and Fanta on the real game..! And another plus it was we were sitting where no one else been allowed ..! Thank You Honey :*

Thinking of Valentines day.. well we had a cards to each other, sweets and kisses.. but I love the thing that’s a normal.. and I’m wishing that forever..normal days.. 🙂

Wishing You lots of love and peace either on Valentines day or just on Tuesday..;-)

Take care folks.. 🙂


Kattkadotme.com. 15th Feb 2017




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