#Proper Job..Proper Beer.. ; }


Although I didn’t get to that stage yet.. ; ] I mean with taste that beer ‚ proper job ‚ or a ‚ big job ‚ . Will wait until Dan is better so we can drink that together as it’s 7.2 % strong !! I’m afraid I can’t handle it on my own Lol ! He bought it,he needs to drink it..! ;}}


Hello to You All 🙂 Welcome to the beer world of mine.. 🙂 I really do love real beer, not a cider, not a stella.. My favourite it’s a Doom Bar ( first one ) AMBER ALE ! hmmm Gold, like a typical woman now but instead of jewellery I would like to have a pint of this.. ;} 

It taste jut awesome ,balanced,succulent dried fruit with lightly roasted malt. Originally it’s brewed in Rock (Cornwall ) . That what we have in the supermarkets it’s not a original as they a brewed in Burton Upon Trent.. Shame.. ! But destiny looking after me ..!! Ha ! because we are going to Rock in August !! I’m going to taste that real amber.. Like a woman wear in gold LOL !! ;}

At the mouth of the Camel Estuary in Rock,Corwall,lies the treacherous Doom Baar sandback, the inspiration for this exeptional amber ale…’


It will be gold everywhere 😉  Dan’s taking laugh at me saying we going to call to the brewery asking them to rid of the water in the beach and fill it up with the the Doom Bar..:} I don’t mind as we have a lovely cottage just next to the beach.. 🙂


As we are a foodlovers, Rock is opposite to Padstow where Rick Stein lives so hopefully we can get on the boat and taste his food..

Hmmm.. late night again, need some sleep as it’s nearly 2 am. Think I’m addicted to You.. :}


Have a lovely Thursday  Folks ..:) xx

Kattkadotme.16th Feb.2017





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