#life.. – Mum You need oxygen.. 

Hey Folks.. 

Hope Your ok.  It’s been another hectic week really.. no break at all, no day off at all.. I’m trying but life it’s so mean.. it’s so going on.. Weekends at work,weekdays at work.. blink the eye and soon be Christmas.. ! 

Seriously i don’t know what’s going on at the moment, house is nearly done with redecorating and i don’t have a time to go there.. 

I know, mainly I’m sorting the others sh** out, excuse my language but some people are never gonna change. No matter how hard You trying.. no worth.. payback? Yes of course.. make Your life even worse! So tell me please, whats the point to help ? 

I’ll do everything to make my son, boyfriend, family and friends happy.. 

I was more than happy even to help to the person who is never said thank You. Any time and any day. Not sure why.. Well, i think it’s just me.. 

Anyway.. had another course day.. 3 gone and one more left.. ! 


Oh dear ! Oh dear! Right to me subject about bullying! Presentation Ms Kasia ! 

And then my voice start vibrating…

Found the story about little girl being bullied.. Meant to read it to the others but i couldn’t.. maybe i failed the course now ? Won’t bother actually.. 

Got more important things to do .. back to life with my son and my boyfriend.. we want a quiet life with a bit fun and love. Unfortunately some may don’t understand and make their life so selfish.. 

I need a break ! Oxygen ! Need my Rutland Water… 

Kattka.me 22nd February 2017



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