Lady of May.. one more 18..


Hi Folks.. ! ; )

Hope You are all ok.

Well it’s another year gone and I’m one year older but hey it’s  just a number.

Actually yesterday i was celebrating  18 one more time ; )

Twice more marks on my face, twice more happier than i was 18 years old ;))

I’m rich ! Not because of the money.. Rich because I have a great people around me. My Son who’s giving  me a lot of smile, my Boyfriend who’s care everyday, my family who i can count on them, my Friends who remember to call me and just ask if everything it’s fine.. I’m rich with life experience and that’s allowing me to treat the life with respect…

When i was in Beer last time with my Friend, we had a late nights talking about life and if there is anything what we would change.. then she said :

Do not break the happiness on to the pieces..”

Well.. I won’t for sure.. I’m happy with what I have and the same I am wishing to You.. !

Cheers Guys.. ! Have a lovely weekend ; )

20170510_200640-01 12th May 2017



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