Door to heaven..Our Sunnydale.. part II


Hello hello !!!!

How are we there..??  Hope Your all ok and the summer went well for all of You ! 🙂

Well, it’s been 3 and half months since we moved and I absolutely love living in the village. I know few of You still considering what to choose ( city or village ) but to me there is the only one winner..

Hmmm, does it bother me to not have the shops around and people messing everywhere ..? No 🙂 Does it bother me to drive to the town..? No 🙂 It’s only 10 mins anyway. Does it bother me to not have a 100’s of neighbours complaining everyday ..? Nope 😉 We have a 10 families in our little Valley, friendly and looking after each other..:)

What I do love in here is a peace and quiet.. no cars, no traffic, no rush..!

Lovely neighbours next to us, Bill and Joan. She is about 70 years old lady. Long time  ago she was actually working with polish people, her boss was a polish lady but I can’t her name now, think she was a Teresa. Bless Joan she still can’t spell my name Katarzyna 😉

Bill currently is fixing a roof on his garden shed, ivies gone to it and made a damage. Interesting isn’t it..? 😉 Well indeed ! That’s obviously better than any gossips and town tho..! 🙂 Seeing old Bill figuring out how to prepare for a winter..

We did trial with some veg growing in our garden and lots of it done my Dan.. went well so next year he will full go for it I think. Beetroots, carrots, seller, mint, rosemary, courgette, tomatoes, potatoes.. Tell You what.. he is mad with it 😉

Some our beetroot for ya..!


I can tell that beetroot soup( barshch ) was delicious..!

Oh dear,  midnight gone already.. It’s been a long day. It was my other half birthday today so we went for a football game. His club Exeter City vs Coventry.. bad luck today. Well at least we had a great day out !  I’ve met lovely lady Lisa. She told me she is a polish chocolate lover so I may buy her favourite Michałki and send by post. I can’t pass it to my other half or either her other half cos might be eaten on the way to home !! Seriously they are so delicious.. !!  

Anyway I still own You a pics from Cornwall where we went for a holiday, but it will be another time for it..

Have a good night and see You soon. 🙂 23rd September 2017 




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