Vintage Lady…

vintage village pic

Yes another two months gone since I have said the word…hmmm.. another two months of enjoying the village I would say..

Hope You ok Folks..! I’m sort of.. it’s just a weather I think, windy and rainy outside..

Did You ever thought if You was born in a right time..? I did many times and my conclusion is : I’m not..

Wish I was born 50 years ago when the life wasn’t so complicated. The rules of life were so straightful – don’t You think..?

No one had a phones and tablets, no addiction to the cyber life.. no addiction to the texts.. no addiction to the women or men who saying stuff which is maybe another fiction…

Kids were playing out.. kicking the ball and giggling..

vintage lady 1

I’m 36 years old lady and I know nothing about technology, so ever so hard..! Computers are nightmare to me. I had an email the other day about wordpress account to re-subscription it in January. Hmmm already confused ! But I’m not giving a shit in a real life..

I bought a presets to my photos 4 months ago and I still can’t use it as I don’t know how to unzip it…

I will get there.. I always do.. I will learn ..that’s me. Just wish things could be a bit simpler for dinosaurs like me.. 😉

I’m enjoying life how it is, happy of every minute .. Vintage Lady walking in antique places..

I’m more into people behaviour’s, more abut the nature, more sensual than others would think.. I’m more about the feelings than the cyber shot..!

Some at and drinking wine in their sparkling glass.. I’m drinking old doombar from the bottle and I like it..

I like to be who I am.. I’d like You to be who You are……..

Have a good one..



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