Brain… so sexy.. brain i’m addicted to You…

brains are sexy

Well.. one more time my theory is proved..Brain it’s a most wanted part of human body…

Not for sale or to eat it ..


… it’s wanted because not many people using it unfortunately..

And I don’t mean it with a maths or psychologist.. I mean in a normal life..

Sapiosexual.. yes I can admit it.. I’m . And how much I love it..

Someone who is using that part of the body is the most sexiest person in the world..

brain is new

Like he does.. bringing me coffee every Sunday morning, while I’m in bed , blowing on it so I can smell it. Opening my sleepy eyes and see my man blowing into mug with coffee.. just for me…

Last Saturday it was my name day ( polish thing ) we celebrate names. Didn’t tell, no needed tho. I didn’t wanted to be a special day.. And it was even he didn’t knows.. coffee upstairs, Saturday morning blowing into coffee cup to wake me up wit the smell..

Maybe I think differently with the men brain, maybe this days is all about the fashion and hair cut.. not to me. I think is about a real time…in a real world..

His brain making me feel sexy.. I’m waiting  for him everyday, every minute. I want  him home for a life.. for a fun.. smart.. brain..

Because the way he think is unique…damn it’s so sexy..

#good morning red nails..

As I have said my theory is proved, why..?

I went to see her for a coffee… blah blah blah as the women do…suddenly she said she is up to the man.. the only reason is because he have a sexy brain.. I wouldn’t expect  that because this woman brain is exceptional, is sexiest than You would ever think.. well maybe someone’s brain is more curious.. hope so..

I hope she found that sexy brain too..for life…

Kattka.me28th Nov.2017


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